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You’re a quilter, a textile or a mixed media artist or simply a creative person who loves to work with textiles.

Do you want to learn new techniques?

Do you want to find your own artistic voice?

Do you want to meet quilters and fiber artists from different countries, language areas and cultures in a leisurely atmosphere and get support and feedback?

Do you want to get inspired by a beautiful scenery and get back to your everyday life energized?

Then you’re definitely in the right place!

Time and Space for Your Creativity

What is TexArtAcademy?

TexArtAcademy is based in Ticino (Italian part of Switzerland). It’s an international meeting point for quilters and textile artists and offers 4-day creative seminars.

They take place once or twice a year. To keep up to date, check this page regularly and sign up for Weekly Inspiration.

There is a lot to see and to do in our beautiful area! -> Ticino Tourism -> Lugano Tourism.

Milan is just an hour away from Lugano (by train), so think of maybe shopping in Milan … or spending a day in Como (although I can’t guarantee that you will be meeting George Clooney at Lake Como…).

However, the seminars can be booked with or without hotel accommodation.

Why TexArtAcademy?

Learn new techniques: with every technique you master, translating your ideas into a piece of art becomes more interesting.

Find your own artistic voice: it enables you to create personal and unique artwork.

Meet fellow fiber artists and quilters from different countries, language areas and cultures in a leisurely atmosphere and get support and feedback.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and get back to your everyday life inspired and energized.

Who organizes TexArtAcademy?

Marlis_turquoiseHi, my name is Marlis Egger and I am the founder and organizer of TexArtAcademy.

I was born in Zurich/Switzerland, but live and work in Lugano (Italian part of Switzerland) since 1988.

I’m a fiber artist and textile designer myself and have served as Art Director at QuiltArtLugano 2007, Switzerland’s first Quilt Festival.


What I love doing

AylaYarisI have traveled extensively in the US, Africa and the Far East, visit the European Quilt Festivals on a regular basis and am well connected with the textile world and the textile artists around the globe.

In my spare time I love taking pictures, reading books and spending time with my husband and our gorgeous Chartreux cats Yaris and Ayla.


Why I became a retreat organizer

I’m a huge fan of retreats. I just love to do nothing else than create and pass time with like minded people.

I live in a beautiful area where a lot of people spend their holidays. About 15 years ago friends suggested I should organize a workshop for them here. I was immediately hooked, found a hotel with a workshop space, invited a textile artist to teach and … surprise: we were sold out and had to add another seminar. The following year I offered four seminars … and we were sold out again.


TexArtAcademy today

In the meantime, TexArtAcademy is an international venue. Worldwide known and recognized textile artists have been teaching for TexArtAcademy (like Dorothy Caldwell, Dijanne Cevaal, Jette Clover, Linda Colsh, Ruth Issett, Cherilyn Martin, Sandra Meech, Alicia Merrett, Melanie Testa, Els van Baarle – to name just a few).

I’m excited by the incredible mix of students (Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, England…).

Due to the geographical close proximity to Italy and the common language (the official language in Ticino is Italian), many Italians take classes at TexArtAcademy.

We thought this could maybe cause linguistic problems, but now we can see that exactly this is an advantage: students and tutors from the northern countries like the great linguistic variety and the “italianità” – the cheerful Italian way of life. As a bonus you can improve your knowledge of a foreign language ;-)

Tutors and students have their meals together, they get to know each other, they make friends and look always forward to meeting again in Ticino!

Where do the seminars take place?

Hotel Il Castagno, CH-6939 Mugena/TI

Mugena (Alto Malcantone) is situated at an altitude of 840 m, well away from the hustle and bustle of the city and is particularely suitable for people who are looking for a quiet, relaxing place to stay.

The Hotel Il Castagno offers unique rooms. All are well-furnished and airy. The surroundings (there are lots of chestnut trees) invite you for short and longer walks.

The perfect place for a creative, but relaxing holiday!

Ticino is the Sunshine State in southern Switzerland. Mugena is only a few kilometers away from Lugano and can be reached

  • by car (autobahn A2 Lucerne-Gotthard-Milan or A13 Chur-San Bernardino-Milan, exit Lugano Nord. From there a 15 minutes drive to Mugena. Lugano-Mugena: 20 minutes. Car parking at the hotel),
  • by train (via Bellinzona to Lamone, from there short ride by bus to Mugena) or even
  • by plane (Lugano Agno airport: Swiss Airlines | Milan Malpensa: easyJet and Brussels Airlines from Amsterdam, London Gatwick, Brussels and many other European cities – from Milan Malpensa shuttle bus to Lugano). Contact me, if you are interested in flying to Milan, I will be happy to help with any queries you have regarding your journey.

What students and tutors say about TexArtAcademy

For a long time, I have been stymied when it came time to design a new quilt. The workshop more ...

The class I attended was the product of an incredible collaboration between the tutor (Linda Colsh) and the organiser ( more ...

Working with Marlis to present two classes suited to her engaged, energetic and artistically infused student-artists was a dream more ...

Before I found TexArtAcademy, I attended other workshops, but never got much from them. I felt inadequate because I more ...

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